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Coaching for collective development

Given that all organisational outputs are generated as a result of the work of groups and teams it feels critical that these systemic elements have sufficient investment in their development. We approach this collective development work as an exercise in raising awareness of the unconscious habits that inhibit productive action. We work with team and group leaders to support their capacity to create environments where people can be more authentic and engage in generative dialogue rather than unproductive debates. We view the whole collective as a single client and work to:

  1. raise the collective’s awareness of how it liberates and constrains itself through its current work habits and patterns,
  2. develop new capacities in the collective to engage in more generative conversations, make sense of the difference and diversity that already exists and integrate multiple perspectives into wise and timely action,
  3. create more expansive environments that can face into the collective shadow through the incorporation of reflective and mindful practices,
  4. raise awareness and develop strategies that embrace the fundamental interconnectedness of the collective with its wider systems and stakeholders.

Our work offers work groups and teams an accelerated path to the development of a greater level of productive activity. We offer  developmental and transformational coaching for groups as well as offering bespoke programmes that can support a collective to transition through a specific strategic and systemic challenge. Our community has significant experience in supporting teams and can deliver a range of psychometric and developmental profiling instruments in addition to offering deep relational and psychological support in the context of challenging strategic and systemic situations.

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Our Services

Our team renewal services are designed to work with a key collective body that could benefit from a blend of strategic, systemic and psychological interventions, including:

  • team leadership coaching,
  • systemic team coaching,
  • creating generative team environments,
  • bespoke development programmes.

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