Supporting the system to change itself

A core assumption that we hold about human systems is that they strive to be as healthy as they can be given the environmental conditions they find themselves in. And this striving can create a situation where the systemic structures end up impeding healthy growth. We can see this stuckness manifested in the various ways in which individuals and the system ‘get in the way of itself’.

  • Our systemic-developmental work supports clients to generate shifts in their culture so the organisation and wider systems can become more healthy and productive.
  • This work is highly collaborative and engages different parts of the system in iterating cycles of discovery, insight and experimentation.
  • A core element is deepening and strengthening connections across members of the system so more of the stuckness and transformational possibilities are revealed.
  • This kind of  work can be very challenging as leaders begin to confront the repetitive historical patterns and how they maintain an unhealthy status quo.

The systemic consulting work provides supportive spaces for people to unpack insights, create individual and organisational ‘action experiments’, and generate learnings about what works and what doesn’t in the system. These support spaces are typically configured as 1:1 coaching, team coaching and facilitated large group events where a significant part of the system is brought into the room together.

We can also offer bespoke development programmes that support people to grow the capabilities required to sensitively lead in the highly unpredictable nature of systemic change. Please get in touch here if you’d like to know more about how we might support you.

Our Services

Our systemic renewal services are designed to work with a key part of the system, engage a ‘diagonal slice’ through an organisation, or  work across a set of systemic partnerships and include:

  • senior level executive coaching,
  • systemic team coaching,
  • large group facilitation methods,
  • bespoke development programmes,
  • developmental profiling of individuals, teams and systemic functions.

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