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Supporting the system to change itself

A core assumption that we hold about human systems is that they strive to be as healthy as they can be given the environmental conditions they find themselves in. And this striving can create an inherent stuckness where the systemic structures end up impeding healthy growth – acting as ways in which the system ‘gets in the way of itself’.

We offer clients systemic consulting engagements when they see that developmental work needs to take place across across a significant part of their organisation or the organisations that make up the system. This work focuses on how the awareness of individual leaders can become a collective movement reshaping and reconstellating the organisation to become a more healthy version of itself.

Systemic renewal work has a few defining characteristics:

  1. the work to raise individual and organisational awareness is carried out in several iterating cycles of discovery, insight and experimentation,
  2. a core element of the work is to find ways to connect individual members of the system with each other and to reveal more of the stuckness and the transformational possibilities that exist,
  3. the work can be very challenging to organisational leaders as they begin to confront the ways that historical patterns keep repeating and how these habits and behaviours maintain the unhealthy status quo dynamics.

We provide supportive spaces for leaders to unpack new insights and turn them into individual and organisational ‘action experiments’ that create more learnings about what works and what doesn’t in the system. These spaces are configured as 1:1 support, team coaching support and facilitated large group events where a significant part of the system is brought into the room together. One of the more difficult principles that leaders begin to engage in is that transformation can only happen when we free ourselves up from the old attachments — we need to let go of the old in order that the new can come. This is a challenging proposition as leaders begin to recognise how the current structures and processes maintain the status quo.

One way that we do this work is to deliberately design situations where new forms of connection are made — in a formal sense we use action inquiry groups and deliberately accelerate individual members ‘bumping into each other’ at larger group events. At an informal level, we actively encourage system members to engage in new forms of connection – e.g., having tea with people, being more open hearted, holding more wholesome conversations. We also encourage leaders to engage in iterations of Triple Loop Learning – the simultaneous movement between our Intentions, the Strategy, the Actions we are engaged in, and the Outcomes we can see being realised.

We offer bespoke consulting programmes that provide organisations with a way to safely explore the unpredictable nature of systemic change. Our community members are experienced practitioners in organisation development and transformation, and can provide deep coaching support to leaders engaged in transformational activity.

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Our Services

Our systemic renewal services are designed to work with a key part of the system, engage a ‘diagonal slice’ through an organisation, or  work across a set of systemic partnerships and include:

  • senior level executive coaching,
  • systemic team coaching,
  • large group facilitation methods,
  • bespoke development programmes.

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