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Sharpening the self and integrating our shadows as practitioners

We have a deep interest in supporting practitioners to do the challenging work of developing themselves in the midst of their client work and everyday lives. As practitioners, we recognise the importance of being as clean as we can be when we work with our clients and the difficulty of paying attention to our projections, our shadows and how we keep getting in the way of ourselves.

Our practitioner renewal work focuses on four key elements:

  1. understanding the developmental perspective that we act from as practitioners,
  2. the development of our unique and authentic presence,
  3. the exploration and integration of the different aspects of the Self,
  4. the courage to identify and work with one’s personal Shadow.

We offer a range of resources for practitioners including: a vertical development circle that provides individuals with a group environment to explore their shadow; group supervision designed to explore our responses to the VUCA nature of the world; personal and systemic supervision; and development workshops and masterclasses to support practitioner renewal and growth. Our community of coach-facilitators  have specific expertise in developmental and transformational coaching, different modalities of psychotherapy and coaching or therapeutic supervision.

Please get in touch here if you’d like to know more about how we might support you.

Our Services

Our practitioner renewal offers include:

  • senior practitioner development programme,
  • supervision in a VUCA world,
  • individual and systemic supervision,
  • themed development workshops and masterclasses,
  • vertical developmental profiling.

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