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Expanding the leadership construct

We believe that leadership is a set of considered responses to a situation carried out through a collective body of people. Leaders are those people who are able to generate wise and timely action in the face of challenging situations. They are situated at every level in an organisation and act from a deep conviction of what needs to be done rather than from a sense of role responsibility.

We work with leaders to expand their awareness around their personal leadership construct. We provide developmental and transformational coaching as well as offering bespoke development programmes to support the growth of individual leaders and leadership teams. The work we do covers four key elements:

  1. deepening the leader’s awareness of how they show up differently in different contexts through direct observation and feedback,
  2. expanding the leaders’ understanding of their personal leadership construct – how they liberate and constrain themselves by their personal narrative around what it means to be a leader,
  3. vertical development profiling and support to more fully integrate and work with the various facets of leadership,
  4. mindful practices to gain access to a higher version of the self and face into the key elements of one’s personal Shadow.

We offer a focused development programme that provides individuals with a group environment to explore these four elements. We can also work with individuals to support personal renewal and growth. Community members can offer developmental and transformational coaching, different modalities of psychotherapy and coaching or therapeutic supervision.

Our work offers individual leaders an accelerated path to the development of greater intellectual agility, emotional resilience and a more systemic action orientation. Our community of leadership practitioners have significant experience in delivering a range of psychometric and developmental profiling instruments and in offering deep relational and psychological support in the context of challenging strategic and systemic situations.

Please get in touch here if you’d like to know more about how we might support you.

Our Services

Our leader renewal services focus on your specific needs and include:

  • developmental and transformational coaching,
  • leadership supervision,
  • bespoke development programmes,
  • personal developmental profiling.

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