Working on yourself is best done with support

Many of our clients are facing work or life challenges that feel overwhelming, or are at a turning point in their lives and seeking to make changes to their current situation. We offer space to explore and digest personal and professional challenges through coaching, psychotherapy, supervision and focused workshops and programmes.

  • we coach organisational leaders to grow their capabilities to lead in the midst of complexity and uncertainty.
  • we provide supervision and coaching for development professionals to reflect on their own practice and work on their strengths and shadows.
  • we offer individuals coaching and therapy so they can become more aware of their authentic self and be more able to flourish in their lives.
  • we offer developmental profiling for individual clients – this provides a detailed map and key suggestions to support personal and professional development.

We also run various workshops and development programmes to support the growth of individuals, leaders and practitioners.

Please get in touch here if you’d like to know more about how we might support you.

Our Services

Our individual renewal services include:

  • developmental and transformational coaching,
  • leadership and practitioner supervision,
  • workshops and bespoke development programmes,
  • developmental profiling using STAGES.

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