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Renewing Talent Development :

a Vertical Development Masterclass

Over the past few decades, developmental psychologists have revealed much about how our ways of making sense of the world can develop through our lives as we engage in the different dilemmas and challenges that life presents us. These insights have been organised into coherent maps that describe a series of increasingly broader perspectives that adults can take on life as they move through it. Talent development professionals can use these vertical development principles to support the mapping of organisational roles, the profiling of key talent and the  transitioning of leaders out of and into new roles.

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Jason helped me live more in my heart than my head, to be rather than to do, to quiet the mind & be free to do what I love & with those I love.

Council Member

Sarah is an outstanding coach who has had a profound impact on my thinking & strategies within business & on a personal and social level.

Head of Logistics, FMCG

Simon’s help, support & advice has proved invaluable – he has an unparalleled ability to analyse & resolve political & interpersonal issues. 

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Jason has a fascinating ability to help you unlock doors which you never thought existed to help you find ways of  reaching your full potential.

Sales Director, Pharmaceuticals

For leaders who want to develop emotional intelligence and change behaviours, Sarah Willis has been truly transformational.

Assistant Director, Public Sector

Simon excels in helping people reach new levels of understanding about themselves, others and the systems they operate within.

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Simon is a master at co-creating team environments that encourage learning, empathy, respect, and shared emotional intelligence. 

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