change : transforming irritation

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin
The energy for change comes from our irritation with ourselves
Being irritated / bored / annoyed with the way that our habitual patterns are beginning to rule our lives is the start of the change. Transforming the irritation into a desire to ‘step back’ and do some self-observation is the key.
All significant change starts with feelings of irritation, discomfort, constraint. For an embryo, the womb is a place of deep calm and sanctuary and somewhere never to leave. Over time, as physical growth occurs, the embryo becomes constrained, confined and increasingly uncomfortable. The passage of entry into the world is an incredibly distressing and traumatic experience – possibly the most traumatic one we will ever encounter. And yet the need to exist in the world is greater than the distress. The need to move behind the constraints and confines is greater than the pain.
All human growth and development follows a similar process – comfort moves to an increasing level of dissatisfaction or irritation – maybe with our environment, situation or aspects of ourself. A father begins to wonder why he is always angry with his children, a woman wonders why she is always so unlucky in love, a man looks for support in the face of a crippling addiction. The irritations with life and self build up to a point where enduring the pain of change is possible. Only when this energy is present is transformative change possible. If the irritations are not present the pearl cannot be formed.
The fear of falling back into an old version associated with pain
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