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our intentions

Our intentions are to support the awakening of both individual and collective consciousness to serve the planet’s needs in a more healthy, connected and aligned way. renewal has been created as a vehicle to engage you in developmental activities that support your learning, growth and transformation. 

our principles

We hold a number of principles around how individual and collective change works and these inform how we work with you:
• Changing the conversation — moving away from debate and politeness into dialogue.
• Change is contextual — deeper understanding of the actual context you operate in.
• Change now not then — noticing how you show up in the team in real-time.
• Change self & system simultaneously — creating conditions to support people to show up differently.
• Change is messy —deliberately disorienting experiences.
• Change is integrating — generating understanding through reflecting on habits.

our community

Jason Harrison


Sarah Willis


Simon Cavicchia


our partners

Growing Edge

A not-for-profit organisation committed to serving the deeper development needs of adult learning practitioners.