In every crisis, take the higher path of compassion, courage, understanding and love. — Amit Ray

we work with human systems in crisis

“Sarah and Jason are a really unique pair – they complement each other perfectly and I have no hesitation to recommend them for the toughest team and organisational challenges”

Chief Executive, County Council

who we are

Sarah Willis

Executive Coach and Supervisor

Sarah Willis

An executive coach and supervisor who works with leaders, teams and whole systems to encourage their growth.  My coaching and organisational work is underpinned by a profound belief that we all need care and compassion as basic building blocks to growth – I also find a sense of humour can help. Someone described me recently as “warm and intense” and I think that probably sums me up.

Jason Harrison

Executive Coach and Supervisor

Jason Harrison

Jason supports individuals, teams and organisational systems to help them see more of ‘what is’ so they can be less stuck. His work is oriented around a core principle that the more we can compassionately embrace our practical, emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges, the more likely that healthy changes will be the result. Jason is a father of 3 boys who provide endless opportunities for embrace.

what we do


We offer safe 1:1 coaching spaces for leaders to face into their performance and productivity challenges.

Leaders in crisis

In a crisis, leaders need safe spaces to reflect on their challenges they are facing and develop new strategies and skills to overcome them. We offer 1-to-1 coaching to help leaders fully face into those issues that are getting in the way of performance and productivity. Through the work, leaders develop new ways of thinking and acting, and stretch their existing capacities so they are better able to lead themselves and others through crises.


We help teams in crisis break out of unhealthy dynamics and improve the quality of their outcomes.

Teams in Crisis

Teams in crisis need space and time to safely explore how the way they are working isn’t working. We offer coaching support that encourages team members to see how they are individually and collectively contributing to the crisis, and to co-create new capacities and a culture that will support organisational growth and flourishing.


We help organisations upgrade their leadership operating system to generate better outcomes.

Organisations in Crisis

Organisations in crisis often require an upgrade in the way leaders think and act, and the ways that the leadership culture operates. We work across organisational layers to develop new ways of leading and modelling that support the healthy growth of the organisation and its’ connection to the wider systems it is part of.

“I found Sarah’s approach to be deeply challenging and at the same time nurturing and compassionate.”

Associate Director, Local Authority

“Jason helped me live more in my heart than my head, to be rather than to do, to quiet the mind and be free to do what I love and with those I love.”

Member, County Council

“I find Sarah’s insightful and encouraging style to be a wonderful catalyst for change and growth.”

Director, County Council

“Jason has a fascinating ability to help you unlock doors which you never thought existed to help you find ways of  reaching your full potential.”

Sales Director, Pharmaceuticals

“The work is very powerful and moving.  She has helped me to recognise patterns and behaviours that have held my organisation back for years … I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Associate Director, Local Authority

Jason brings a unique combination of skills to each client assignment, and is often sought out to tackle the most complex and integrated challenges.”

Managing Director, Consulting Business

“Sarah’s intuition and empathy combined with skilful questioning and feedback allowed me to consider important issues and to make good decisions.”

Medical Director, NHS Foundation Trust

A day with Jason is full of challenge, intrigue, creativity and ultimately the delivery of practical tools and leadership insights that enhance your ability to have real influence over change in your organisation.”

Sales & Marketing Manager, Pharmaceuticals

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